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Automatic Demand Bird Feeder

Providing fresh feed at all times is among the most essential aspects of breeding healthy poultry. The advantages of automatic feeding over hand feeding are many. First, of course is the saving of feed. It helps combat the wastage of feed that used to happen with traditional feeding methods. Conventional methods of feeding encourage the birds to peck at what is in front of them and disregard the build-up of feed on the floor. This results in it creating a mess, which ferments and attracts vermin. It is very important to keep rats and wild birds away from the chicken feed to prevent the onset of diseases such as Bird Flu or Avian Flu. This does not happen with the automatic feeder as the feed is eaten straight away. Automatic poultry feeding mechanism not only saves feed but also discourages vermin onto the site.

The system works on a ‘feed on demand’ basis, which releases small quantities of grain/pellets at a time. Studies have proven that it relieves boredom and stops feather plucking. The automatic feeder system is designed and engineered to meticulous standards allowing your poultry to eat when they need to.

This system of feeding can help to make your birds self sufficient, which is a bonus if you want to take a holiday or the occasional weekend away. Learning period for the poultry is very short due to the small amount of movement when operating. The easily regulated non-clog feed release mechanism makes fresh food always available.

The feed remains free of droppings. It is maintenance free, but should be kept clean as with any feeder. The automatic poultry feeder is waterproof and feed can be left outdoors. The automatic chicken feeder is weather resistant, shielded from the weather and very efficient for keeping your chickens feed with little waste and even less attention.

If you buy a clear storage container, it enables visibility of food from all angles and far distances. You can visually inspect the feed flow and also refill when needed without having to keep checking.

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