The Best Christmas Gift for Your Bird-Loving Parents – Demand Bird Feeder Kit

On-demand bird feeders can be a boon to elderly people who run a farm or when people want to go for a vacation or for those who stay away from home most of the time and yet love their pet birds. When they are easy to operate and fill, it becomes all the more fun, using an on-demand bird feeder kit. Peck-O-Matic is an on-demand bird feeder kit that’s self-sufficient when it comes to bird feeding.

Typically, it contains a feed storage, a simple technique using which the birds can demand a feed and technology to make sure that the only the right quantity, but ample quantity, of feed is supplied. Since it is fully automated, the pet owners or the poultry farm owners can use it to set up for short vacations without having to depend on external help or getting worried about the bird-feeding part.

This is the perfect gift for your elderly parents and kids for this Christmas and New Year season. They would love the convenience it gives and makes sure that their beloved pets are well-fed even if they forget to feed them. They no longer have to look for arranging a person to feed the pets during their absence.

What is Peck-O-Matic?

The Peck-O-Matic is easy to use gravity bird-feeder which the birds learn to use themselves within a couple of hours of installation! It is as simple to use. A 5-gallon pail is used as the storage feed which can be hung or installed on a stand as per your requirement. This pail has a funnel and a valve through which the feed is dispensed to the feeder whenever the birds demand it. One main advantage of using the Peck-O-Matic is that feed is never wasted. Only small quantities are dispensed that too only when the bird demands the feed. The feeder can be used for wide range of birds such as duck, geese, turkey, chicken, quail, dove, peafowl, swan etc. It can be easily installed and the height can be adjusted as your birds grow.

How can I order?

Check out our website for our online store or call us to assist with booking your own Peck-O-Matic. You can purchase Peck-O-Matic online and assemble it yourself quite easily. Our website has videos and images on assembling the Peck-O-Matic gravity feeder.

Why Peck-O-Matic?

Peck-O-Matic is definitely a great solution for automatic bird feeding. It can be adjusted to dispense different types of bird-feed. It makes sure that no feed is wasted as the feed is supplied only on demand. It does not require a power supply or batteries to operate. You no longer have to fear of the rodents that might eat away your precious bird-feed! Because it involves pecking and grabbing, you are only helping the birds develop their natural eating habit but not giving them too much feed.

Order now to gift Peck-O-Matic as your Christmas / New Year Gift to your parents and / or kids! They would love to set it up for their favorite pets and spend hours admiring how their beloved winged friends learn to use it.

Raising Healthier Chickens

At Peck-O-Matic we are dedicated to helping you develop you skills as a breeder, backyard chicken owner, or any type of raising or breeding you might be doing with various types of fowl.  With that said, today’s post is geared to give you some helpful advice on settling and relaxing your chickens to help them stay healthy and relaxed for a stronger, longer life and a more relaxed laying process.

Lavender has many benefits for your hens and newborn chicks.  Lavender is a natural relaxer for the chickens as it helps with stress-lowering and relaxing when added to the nesting box.  Lavender releases natural pheromones that will help your hens relax and stay situated when it comes to the egg laying process.  A relaxed hen is going to have better results and have a healthier overall life.

Lavender is a great insect repellent.  You never want to add pesticides and chemicals to your chickens environment as it can cause more issues to the overall health of your chickens.  A great natural alternative is lavender.  It will keep a lot of those pesky insects away from the coop and is a healthy alternative for your chickens health.

Lavender is also known to help with blood circulation in your hens.  In the laying process the hens are not moving around as much and circulation can become an issue.  Lavender will help with blood circulation in your hens by hanging some in front of your hens so they will be forced to stand up and munch on the hanging lavender forcing her to stretch her legs and increase circulation.

You can grow your own lavender so you will be able to trim the plants and use it as needed.  usually planting in the spring will give you a good harvest in the summer.  This will bring many benefits to your chickens and even help to beautify your property by having that gorgeous lavender growing and flowering for you to enjoy.

As always, help maintain the overall health of your chickens by using the revolutionary Peck-O-Matic to help control food usage and avoid issues with mold, over eating, and rodents getting into the coop.

Comment below to let us know how we can answer any questions you might have on raising fowl.  Peck-O-Matic is always here to help!



The backyard chicken raising trend is growing and growing.  With more and more families every year raising chickens on their property the trend has gone from the farmer to the businessman and the typical American family.  

With the resurgence of raising chickens in the modern American family comes families spending loads of their hard earned money as they try to figure out the best practices in raising their new chickens.  Loads of feed goes wasted and spoils because of the learning curve for newcomers into the art of raising backyard chickens.  According to the World watch Institute, backyard chicken raising is on the raise in America as we move further along into 2016.  Luckily, Peck-o-Matic is here to help!

Newcomers to the game of backyard chicken raising need to learn their way around the chicken coop and along with how to properly feed their fowl.  Knowing when to food and how much to feed your chickens is an imprecise science that changes with time and depending on the environment, the type of chickens, and the feed you are using.

I began to raise and breed various species of birds and fowl and needed a way to provide the correct amount of feed at the right times everyday while I was working my regular job.  As I struggled to find the perfect time and perfect amount of feed I wound up spending a lot of money as I went through feed like it was nothing.  I knew there was a better way to take care of my chickens and feed them without wasting money or feed.  So I developed the Peck-O-Matic.  This is a revolutionary feeder that saves time and money and helps promote the overall health of my Chickens and other birds I raise.

Basically the Peck-O-Matic means I can deposit food into the holder and the birds can eat when they feel the need.  Depositing only a certain amount of food means I can control the amount of feed, cut down on costs, and ensure that rodents and other predators won’t come snooping around my chickens looking for a free meal.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran in the backyard chicken raising movement, the Peck-O-Matic is a fantastic way to properly take care of your birds and chickens.