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Chukar Pheasant Using PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Feeder

Chukar   Pheasant  using automatic poultry feeder

The Chukar pheasants are ground-loving birds that quickly run uphill with fast wing-beats and a characteristic whitoo if alarmed.In arid western North America, the Chukar pheasants ids a successful exotic species that occupies habitats where very few other gamebirds exists. It is the most harvested pheasant in Oregon deserts.Usually the Chukar habitats are difficult to hunt.

The pheasants can be fed with grains and millets to make them more healthier and reproductive. Feeding can be done more easier by making use of PECk-O-MATIC Automatic bird feeder kit. For this, the ¼ inch regulator is used. By using this bird feeder kit, the birds get their food in correct ratio and proportion.

Using its habitats, chukars could survive in any weather conditions and time of year. In the early seasons birds are concentrated near water sources . Later, once it rains and "green-up" have begun, birds are widely distributed as they get the water from the food they eat. Chukars may typically be found round the edges of cultivated fields close to canon surroundings wherever they take advantage of waste grain.

These are permanent residents of eastern Oregon. Population is distributed in prairie habitats on the breaks of the John Day, Columbia, Snake, Owyhee, Malheur, Deschutes, Burnt and Grand Ronde rivers and lesser watercourses or reservoirs.