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Delawares Chicken Using PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Chicken Feeder

Delawares Chicken Using Automatic Chicken Feeder

Created from crossing Barred Plymouth Rock roosters with New Hampshire hens, Delawares were initially called “Indian Rivers”. George Ellis of Delaware developed them in 1940 as broiler chicken. This breed, however, can be considered as a dual-purpose breed because they are good layers of medium sized light brown eggs. Qualities such as their meatiness, ability to feather fast, cold hardiness, and their friendly dispositions make the Delaware a suitable choice to add to the flock.

The PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Chicken Feeder is designed and engineered to meticulous standards allowing your chicken to eat when they need to. The system works on a ‘feed on demand’ basis, which releases small quantities of grain/pellets at a time. When feeding corn, it is recommended to use PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Chicken Feeder's ¾-inch or 1-inch regulator disc to feed these chickens. If feeding pellets, cracked corn or wheat the 5/8-inch regulator disc can be used.

The males of the Delaware breed grow up to 8 pounds and the females up to 6 pounds. Large combs, medium sized head and neck, long keel and muscular legs are some of this breed’s physical attributes. They have moderately large combs and medium sized head and neck. The white color of these hens makes them stand apart in the flock.

An interesting fact about Delaware chicken is that it would have risen to much more popularity had it not been to the advent of the Cornish chicken during the early to mid-50’s. The Delaware breed is one of the American Heavy heritage breeds. A quick tip to protect their combs from frostbite is to smear the combs with petroleum jelly.