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Falcated Teal Duck Using PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder

Falcated Teal Duck Using Automatic Duck Feeder

Falcated Teal is a Gadwall-sized dabbling duck. The binomial name for falcated teal is Anas Falcate. Falcated teal males and females have similar lengths, which measures between 18” - 21”. The weight range of falcated teal lies between 0.9 lb - 1.7 lb, the male falcated teal weighing more than the female. The wingspans range from 31” – 36”.

The falcated teal male in full breeding plumage is a stunning sight. The falcated teal male has body plumage which is finely vermiculated grey. It has a large dark green head with white throat, a dark green collar and bronzed crown. It has buff and black under tail-coverts; and elongated arched tertials. Males in eclipse appear more like the females. The female falcated teal ducks are brown and white in color and do not have the falcated tertial feathers. They have a small crest on their head, their speculums are green and they have a long grey bill. Juveniles have plumage similar to that of females. The male duck has a shrill whistle tyu-tyu-vit…tyu-vit…tyu-tyu-vit and a quiet whistle ending with a wavering uit-trr. The female duck has a hoarse, quack, short two-syllable inciting call, and a high pitched two to four syllable decrescendo calls.

Falcated ducks are primarily herbivorous and eat leaves, seeds, grains and nuts. Feeding is simple on the usual wheat and pellet diet. The PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder provides fresh feed at all times. Wheat and pellets can be given using the 1/2 inch regulator disc from the PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Feeder. Falcated ducks eats insects near to the water; and also feeds on larvae, crustaceans, and mollusks.

Normally, falcated teals are found in freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers and marshes that are surrounded by forest. The breeding season for falcated teal is from May to early July. They make their nests on the ground near water, usually in tall grass or bush. Clutch sizes range from six to nine eggs which are white in color with a pinkish yellow tint. Female falcated teals incubate the eggs for 24 to 26 days and then take care of the chicks until they are fully fledged, which is 45 to 60 days after hatching. Males tend to stay near the nesting site only for the first half of the incubation period.