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Melanistic Mutant Pheasant Using PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Feeder

Melanistic Mutant  Pheasant  using automatic poultry feeder

This melanistic mutant is absolutely a pure breed. These giant, lovely pheasants has,greenish-black plume. Prime habitat consists of harvest fields like corn, soybean, or tiny grains. The rest of the home ground ought to embrace some wetlands, grassland, and solid ground or brushy thickets.

The melanistic mutants can survive in the wild. In captivity, they have to be fed with proper food to get adequate nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Bird feeder fulfills the need to feed the pheasants timely in a better way. The ¾ inch regulator disc helps to supply the corn and grains to these pheasants correctly.

These pheasants originated within feral stock in Europe almost 100 years ago. The males are fully dark with a glossy green and blue shade on them.Though they seem black, in the daylight, the dark colored feathers are extraordinarily iridescent. The male Melanistic Mutant Pheasant is resplendent in blue, purple, rust, and luster effects. The tail has the characteristic black expulsion of the Ringneck. Females are less colorful, and are smaller in size. However, they have a depth of lacing and color that is merely not possible to explain. They are greenish black. They lay small brown eggs and have an incubation period of 24-25 days.

Melanistic Mutant Pheasants are the 'mutant' form of the Ringneck Pheasant. They were initially seen within European country in 1880, however were not specifically bred till the 1920's when a bunch of hens of this same dark coloration were secured.