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Swedish Duck Using PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder

Swedish Duck Using Automatic Duck Feeder

The Swedish Blue is a breed of domesticated duck which emerged during the 19th century in Swedish Pomerania. The American Standard of Perfection accepts only the "blue" as the only variety of the breed. While Blue is the only Standard variety, Swedish ducks also come in Black, Silver, and Splashed color patterns. It is a medium-sized bird weighing between 6.5 and 8lbs. It was considered that blue colored ducks were exceptionally hardy, superior meat producers, and difficult for predators to see which made this breed popular in Europe for centuries.

Swedish ducks are Blue Swedish are about the same size as the Rouen ducks. Swedish ducks are distinguished in appearance due to their wonderful black heads, white bibs and a light blue body. The plumage of both the duck and drake is a bluish slate. The drake's head is a dark blue with a greenish bill while the duck's head and bill are the same blue slate color of the body. The legs of both males and females of this breed are reddish-brown, with irregular patterns of greyish-black.

Providing fresh feed at all times is among the most essential aspects of breeding healthy poultry. The PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder helps combat the wastage of feed that used to happen with traditional feeding methods. The ½ inch regulator disc can be used for pellet, wheat, cracked corn, peas and barley. When the feed is crumble or milo, the 3/8-inch regulator disc from PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder can be used.

The Swedish prefers to forage in orchards or paddocks, and grass. The Swedish hens lay about 100 to 150 white, green, or blue tinted eggs annually. Blue Swedish Ducks originated from the mallards. This breed was developed for meat and egg production, as well as for use as decorative and ornamental ducks, and as pets. Domestic ducks kept as pets have a life span of 8-12 years.