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Tufted Duck Using PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder

Tufted Duck Using Automatic Duck Feeder

The Tufted duck is a small diving duck, the Eurasian counterpart of our Ring-necked Duck. The species gets its name from its prominent head tuft. There is a population of about one million birds. This species is part of a widely distributed genus of diving ducks that includes Greater and Lesser Scaups and Ring-necked Duck.

The male in breeding plumage is solid black back and bright white sides with no vermiculation and by a tuft of plumes that hangs down from the rear of the crown. It is all black except for white flanks and a blue-grey bill. Tufted Duck females, juveniles, and non-breeding-plumaged males are more or less uniformly brown with a much smaller plume or none at all. The female tufted ducks lay an average of 9 eggs.

The PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder helps combat the wastage of feed that used to happen with traditional feeding methods. The system works on a ‘feed on demand’ basis, which releases small quantities of grain/pellets at a time. The3/4inch or 1-inch regulator disc can be used to feed corn. . The 3/8-inch regulator disc from PECk-O-MATIC Automatic Duck Feeder can be used when the feed is crumble or milo.

They habituate in marshy areas and lakes with plenty of vegetation. They are also found on coastal lagoons, the seashore, and sheltered ponds. These birds feed mainly by diving, but they sometimes upend from the surface. They eat roots, seeds and buds of aquatic plants; clams; snails; aquatic insects and sometimes amphibians and small fish. Many of these ducks reach North America in fall migration and spend the winter, mostly along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. They wander to North America from both directions, reaching the northeast from Europe and Iceland, reaching Alaska and the Pacific Coast from Asia.